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Alcohol, Reagent, Absolute (Ethanol) - $45.95 / per gallon
No Shipping available on Alcohol

Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin C

$18.00/1 lb. $80.00/5 lb. $160.00/10 lb.
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Camphor - $29.00/ per pound 
Used in skin lotion, skin fresheners as a preservative. Also used in facials to relax the skin. Gives a cool feeling to the skin. Camphor occurs naturally in trees, but it's usually made synthetically. Readily absorbed into the skin.


Citric Acid, Anhydrous - Domestic
Most widely used acid in the cosmetic industry. Used as a preservative, pH adjuster, as an astringent or in astringent compounds, fizzy baths. A natural product that is derived from citrus fruits.

$9.00 / per pound $35.00 / per 5 pounds
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Dyes -1/2 oz. dropper bottle - $7.25
Available in Red, Blue, Violet or Yellow
Dyes for Oils , Soap, Candles, Aroma Crystals (sea salt), and More.
Color Mixing Chart.

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Glycerin, 99.5%
Our glycerin is of vegetable origin. It is a clear colorless syrupy liquid.  It is a by-product of soap manufacturing. A humectant, and emollient it absorbs moisture from the air and, therefore  protects the skin from moisture loss maintaining a supple and smooth tone. Kosher.

$12.95 / per quart $31.95/ per gallon (8 lbs)
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Glycerin Soap (Melt & Pour) 
Made with 100% pure vegetable glycerin, a blend of selected mild cleansing agents, rich emollients, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil and Aloe extracts. 
Carefully formulated to deliver numerous benefits to your skin, such as: Highly moisturizing, Non Drying to skin, Rich Creamy Suds, Biodegradable, No animal testing or derivatives, Hypo-allergenic, Non comodogenic.

Clear $6.00 / per pound add_to_cart.gif
$25.00 / 5 pounds add_to_cart.gif
Opaque $6.00 / per pound add_to_cart.gif
$26.50 / 5 pounds add_to_cart.gif

Glycolic Acid (70%) 
All natural derived from sugar canes. Used as an additive in facial formulations as an antioxidant.
Available by Special Order Only Please call for information

Out of stock

Lactose Powder - $10.00 per lb.
(Milk Sugar, Edible)
Used as a skin conditioning agent and humectant. Perfect for making milk bath products or for milk based creams or lotions. Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. Milk proteins smooth, firm and soften the skin.


Li-Gel - $15.00 per lb.
A water soluble ingredient useful as a thickener for personal care formulations. Creams, sunscreens and lotions formulated with Li-Gel typically rub in easily and leave skin with a smooth feel. Li-Gel is also recommended in hair care products such as conditioners, rinses and leave-on products, where it provides efficient thickening, increased stability and overall improved performance. In addition, Li-Gel reduces static charge and flyaway hair.  

Recommended proportion: Use 1 teaspoon Li-Gel for every 7.4 oz. of warm distilled water. Adjust accordingly. Li-Gel/water mixture will not have thickening effect until completely cooled.

Liquid Soap   $75.00 per 8 lbs (approx 1 gallon) 
Ready to go!. Exclusively developed with the highest quality ingredients including, Vitamin E,  Vitamin A, Glycerin, Green Tea, Aloe, Rosemary,  Lavender & Panthenol.. Add fragrance, dye, whatever you wish and your soap is ready! 
NOTE: When adding botanicals, such as herbs, rose petals, etc. you MUST use a preservative! (be sure to see TLC preservative) 

Liquid Soap Base Concentrate
A cost effective, concentrated version of our liquid soap. Ideal for Shampoo base, Body Wash base, Face Wash and Bubble Bath, etc.
Mixes 4 to 1 with distilled water. May be thickened with Li-Gel.  

1 quart (32 oz): $21.95 1 gallon: $75.00
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Lotion Base  
Superb non-greasy lotion formulated with rich emollients & fine moisturizers. Rich in Vitamin A, B, D & E with herbal extracts. Absorbs quickly to nourish skin. Non-greasy.

$21.95 per quart  $79.00 per gallon
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Menthol Crystals
Mentha Arvenis
Derived from Mint Essential Oil, it is a colorless, hexagon shaped crystals. For use in cosmetics, salves and balms. Soluble in alcohol, essential oils and olive oil, Almost insoluble in water and glycerin. Melting point: 41C to 44C (105.8F to 111.2F)

$10.00 / 4oz. $18.00 / 8 oz. $33.00 / per pound
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Methyl paraben
A Mold Inhibitor used as a preservative in food, cosmetics, sunscreens, shampoos, and many other products.

$25.00 / per pound $105.00 / per 5 lbs.

Methyl Salicylate
(Oil of Wintergreen)
temporarily out of stock

$15.00 / per 8 oz. $26.95 / per quart
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Oleic Acid

$27.95 / per quart

$49.95 / per gallon

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Propylene Glycol

$16.50 / per quart $55.00 / per gallon (8 lb)
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Polysorbate 20 (Tween 20)
An emulsifier, which enables water and oil to mix.  An organic material derived from fatty acids. It is soluble and dispersible in water.

Basic formula: 3 parts Polysorbate 20 to 1 part oil. 

$25.00 / per quart $60.00/ per gallon
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Sodium Borate, Tetra (Borax)

 $11.95 / per pound $56.50 / per 5 pounds
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Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) (Washing Soda)

$16.00 / per pound $60.00 / per 5 pounds
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Sodium Hydroxide, Caustic Soda (Flakes)
Special Order Only - 55 lbs.

Please call for pricing 

No shipping on Sodium Hydroxide

Sorbitol - $17.00 per pound
The alcohol form of sucrose. It occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables, and is manufactured from corn syrup. Soluble in water or alcohols. Excellent plasticizing & thickening effects providing viscosity & texture, stabilizes gels & provides good clarity, effective moisturizing properties (avoids moisture loss), good smoothing & conditioning effects. Can be added to formulas as is, usually at concentrations 5-50%. Works well in creams, lotions, gels,  ointments, makeup & other personal care products.

Stearic Acid 
Occurs naturally in butter acids, tallow, cascarilla bark and in other fats and oils. White waxy fatty acid. Large percentage of cosmetic creams on the market contain Stearic Acid. Gives a pearliness to creams.

$10.00 / per pound $45.00 / per 5 pounds
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$10.00 / per pound $45.00 / 5 pounds
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Titanium Oxide

$16.00 / per pound $60.00 / per 5 pounds
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TLC Cosmetic Preservative (Antimicrobial)
Used as an anti-microbacterial and as a preservative for personal formulations in cosmetics. It is compatible with a large range of aqueous formulations, such as shampoos, liquid soap and sunscreens.
Basic formula:
1 ml preservative to 1 cup of product
4 ml preservative to 1Quart or 32 oz. of product
16 ml preservative  to 1 gallon of product

$22.00 /16 oz. $36.00/1 quart $125.00 / 1 gallon
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Xanthan Gum (Corn Sugar Gum)
Used as a thickener in lotions, soaps & foods. Improves texture, gives a pleasant skin feel to the product, while suspending the active ingredients. Also used as a binder, emulsion stabilizer, miscellaneous skin-conditioning agent, emulsifying surfactant, as well as an aqueous viscosity increasing agent. 

$11.00 / 8 oz. $18.00 / per pound $82.00 / per 5 lbs.
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Zinc Oxide
Used to impart opacity in cosmetic products. It is used in face powders, protective creams, foundation creams. Insoluble in water.

$10.00 / per pound $45.00 / per 5 pounds
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