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NEW - Aroma Reeds

The reeds will allow the fragrance to slowly travel up and dissipate into the air. Let the reeds sit initially for 5-10 minutes and flip them two or three times to saturate. After saturation, flip reeds once a week to keep the intensity of the fragrance.

Use them with our fragrance and oil sample bottle for the perfect ambience in your home, spa, salon or studio without worrying about candles and flames.

Use new reeds for each fragrance.

Package of 10: 12" Reeds - $4.00

Package of 10: 15" Reeds - $5.00

Fragrance Oils

Our cosmetic grade fragrances oils are high quality, pure, uncut oils. 

Perfect for adding to your soap, lotions, bath gels, body sprays, room sprays, candles, etc.

$4.50 per ounce

Almond add_to_cart.gif
Black Love (Cherry) add_to_cart.gif Blue Lilac add_to_cart.gif
Candy Cane add_to_cart.gif
Citrus Zest (Mens) add_to_cart.gif Cucumber add_to_cart.gif
Cucumber Melon add_to_cart.gif Cranberry Sorbet add_to_cart.gif
Drakkar (Mens) add_to_cart.gif Florabund add_to_cart.gif
French Vanilla add_to_cart.gif Fresh & Clean add_to_cart.gif
Grape add_to_cart.gif
Olive - New add_to_cart.gif Hawaiian Floral add_to_cart.gif
Heavenly Floral add_to_cart.gif Herbal Clover add_to_cart.gif
Honey add_to_cart.gif  
Lavender Patchouli add_to_cart.gif Lemon add_to_cart.gif
Lime add_to_cart.gif Melon add_to_cart.gif
Orange-Tangerine add_to_cart.gif Peach add_to_cart.gif
  Pine Forest add_to_cart.gif
Powder add_to_cart.gif Pumpkin Pie add_to_cart.gif
Rose add_to_cart.gif Sandalwood add_to_cart.gif
  Spearmint (Lipstick) add_to_cart.gif
Spice Blend add_to_cart.gif Tea Rose add_to_cart.gif
Tuitti Fruitti add_to_cart.gif Vanilla (Lipstick) add_to_cart.gif
Ylang-Ylang add_to_cart.gif White Tea add_to_cart.gif

Also see Essential Oils

Try making Fragrance Stones

Fragrances may be added to sea salt. 
Add small amount of water and heat on a diffuser.



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